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Sovihep tablets in moscow sovihep sofosbuvir tablets 400mg used in hepatitis c , sovihep tablets manufactured under license from Gilead science Ireland uc its taken with the combination with daclatasvir dacihep tablets manufacturer by Zydus no side effects USES: SOVIHEP HELP TO REDUCE THE VIRUS PATIENT SHOULD TAKE 1 TABLET PER DAY minimum 3 month course sovihep is taken with one more combination name: dacihep ( daclatasvir).
Ledifos Tablets Ledifos Is Indicate For The Treatment Of Chronic Hepatitis C. Ledifos Is Two-Drug Fixed-Dose Combination Product That Contained Ledipasvir 90 mg And Sofosbuvir 400mg In A Single Tablet. The Recommended Dosage Of Ledifos Is One Taken Orally Once In Day Daily With Or Without Food. For more info visit us at
the treatment of Hepatitis C Sovaldi: Revolutionizing Sovaldi is not the name of the magical drug that is associated with the treatment of Hepatitis C. It is only the name of the brand under which the primary drug, popularly known as the Sofosbuvir is manufactured. Though there are other drugs for treating this ailment, Sovaldi has been used in the USA since 2013. According to reports, the drug was formulated by Michael Sofia in the year 2007. After it had been formulated, various tests were performed on the compound to see its affectivity. It is also included in the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines. Depending on the type of genotype of Hepatitis C, the drug can either be administered orally or via intravenous methods. The tablets are mostly prescribed along with a combination of potent peginterferon-alfa, ribavirin, ledipasvir, simeprevir, or daclatasvir. Speaking in medical terms; the drug can be called a nucleotide analog inhibitor for Hepatitis C. Composition of the tablets Though the Sovaldi tablets work like magic on the Hepatitis C of all genotypes, it will not be able to perform the function without the assistance of other drugs. Each pill is composed of sofosbuvir (400 mg). The composition of each pill contains colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, and mannitol, in specific proportions. The thin coating on each of the pill is composed of the various inactive components like polyvinyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol, titanium dioxide, talc, yellow iron oxide, etc. Usage of the tablets As it has already been mentioned, the pill is used for curing the conditions of major or minor Hepatitis C. When combines with other drugs, it directly attacks the infection in the liver and prevents the infection from both spreading and increasing. Generally, the doctors prescribe a treatment regime that lasts from 12 to 24 weeks. If the patient follows the guidelines of the doctors and takes the medicines, there are 90% chances of getting cured. Dosage of the tablets It is already known that the chronic Hepatitis C can belong to any of the genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Depending on the type of genotype, the combination of the other drugs will change. Though doctors mainly prescribe a dosage of 400 mg of Sovaldi once each day, it will be different from adults and children. Adults suffering from genotype 1 or 4 who are not suffering from cirrhosis must be given this pill along with ribavirin and pegylated interferon. But people with genotype 2 or 3 must take the pill with only ribavirin. In the case of children who are below the age of 12 years or do not weigh more than 35kg must be administered a dosage of the tablet along with ribavirin only. Working of the tablets As soon as you start the medication regime, the ingredients in Sovaldi and the associated pills will attack the HCV infection in the liver. The meds will prevent the reproduction and the multiplication of the virus. By doing so, the pills will control the severity and the spread of the disease. It will remain localized in the liver, and other organs will be safe. Once the spread has been arrested, the pills will decrease the strength of the ailment and increase the resistance power of the liver. As immunity rises, the liver will be able to fight its way out of the condition. These pills are also given to patients who are opting to get the liver transplanted due to Liver Cancer. HIV patients are also prescribed the pill for the safekeeping of the liver, but it does not cure cancer of HIV. Precautions to be followed If the patients have any prior history of Hepatitis B, then the ingestion of Sovaldi might cause the disease to reappear. Thus, the doctors need to be informed about the medical history of the patients. Another precaution is that only those people should be prescribed the tablets which are resistant to any allergic effects of sofosbuvir. Sticking to the guidelines of the doctors is very important. They know what your body. When taking the pills, one needs to make sure that the specific dosage is maintained. Anything more or less than the prescribed amount will be harmful. It is best to take medicine at a fixed time each day. The pills can be taken before or after taking food but consulting with the doctor is a must. The patients should not stop the medicines in the middle of the course, without the instructions of the physicians. Sofosbuvir may make the heart and the body weak. It will prevent the body from resisting any other infection or surgery. In case the patient is getting operated (minor or major), the respective surgeon must be made aware about the patient’s medicinal regime. As Hepatitis C make the entire immune system weak, the patient becomes susceptible to minor cold and flu as well. Thus, it is mandatory that the patients take necessary precautions. As the disease spreads through blood exchange or sexual intercourse, the patients should refrain from these activities or take precautions. Side effects of the tablets Side-effects of sofosbuvir are very common, but not all will have the same effects. While some may complain about the skin turning pale, others might feel a constant itch. Most common effects are a pain in the head and a continuing tiredness. Some hapless chaps may also complain of insomnia. A nauseating feeling is noticed in most patients. A long-standing cough and cold, fever, painful swelling gums, and problems of breathing are some other side-effects.
Brand Name : Resof Total Genric Name : Sofosbuvir And Velapatas Tablets Genric Strengt: Sofosbuvir 400Mg & Velpatasvir 100Mg Marketing : Dr. Reddy Packing : Bottles Each Bottle : 28 Tablets This Tablets Available In Moscow Now The Medication Of This Tablets In Combination Of Sofosbuvir & Velaspatas. This Drug Is Very Helpful For The Treatment Of Hepatitis C Virus In Your Body. Resof Total Is Used Alone Or With Ribavirin To Treatment Of Chronic Hepatitis C, A Viral Infection Of The Liver. We Provide The Tablets As Soon As Possible Time.
Brand Name : Sovaldi Genric Name : Sofosbuvir Genric Strength: Sofosbuvir 400Mg + Velpatasvir 100Mg Marketing: Natco Packing : Bottles Each Bottle : 28 Tablets Natco Pharma Has Launched "Velpanat" Generic Version Of Fixed Dose Combination. You Can Purchase This At A Reasonable Price
The Brand Name Is Sovaldi Sovaldi Tablets Sovaldi In Moscow Genric Name Is Sofosbuvir & The Strength Is 400mg Always Packed In The Form Of Bottle One Bottle Contains 28 Tablets Sovaldi Is A Medication Used For The Treatment Of Hepatitis C. It Is Recommended With The Combination Of ribavirin, peginterferon-alfa, simeprevir, ledipasvir, daclatasvir, or velpatasvir, If the patient follows the guidelines of the doctors and take the medicines, there are 90% chances of getting cured.
Hepcinat Hepcinat Tablets Hepcinat In Moscow Active Ingredients Is Natco Strength 400mg Package 28 tablets These are antiviral drug, used in combination with other drugs for treatment of hepatitis C. We offer these HEPCINAT Tablets at affordable prices. Storage: Store at 25°C in a dry place. Simptoms are: Fatigue Headache Nausea Insomnia
Hepcinat Hepcinat Tablets Hepcinat Tabelts In Moscow Hepcinat Tabelts In Russia Genric Name & Strength: Ledipasvir 90mg & Sofosbuvir 400mg Packing In Bottle One Bottle Contains 28 Tablets Hepcinat LP Is Indicated For The Treatment Of Chronic Hepatitis C. Hepcinat LP is two-drug fixed-dose combination product that contained 90 mg of ledipasvir and 400 mg of sofosbuvir in a single tablet. Recommended Dosages Of Hepcinat LP Is one Tablet Taken Orally Once Daily.
Sofovir Sofovir Tablets Sofovir In Moscow Sofovir Tablets In Russia Genric Name Is Sofosbuvir Tablets Strength Sofosbuvir Tablets 400mg Packing In Bottle One Bottle Contains 28 Tablets Sofovir is used in combination with ribavirin to peginterferon alfa/ribavirin. Sofovir tablets are administered orally.Each tablet contains 400 mg of sofosbuvir.These Tablets Are Recommended For the Treatment Of the chronic hepatitis C.