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WHAT IS SOFOSBUVIR chawla medicos tell you a full information about the sofosbuvir Sofosbuvir Sofosbuvir also called as Sovaldi the medicine that used for treating in hepatitis C. Doctors recommend to take it with ribavirin. Sofosbuvir helps in reducing the HCV in patient's body and also avoid spreading it within the body. Make sure that the doctor is informed in case you have any kind of allergy with the ingredients used in Sofosbuvir. Specially: If a woman is expecting a child, planning to conceive or breast feeding If a person is taking some medicines, be it prescribed or non prescribed, dietary supplement or herbal preparation If a person is allergic to some foods, medicines or substances If a person is suffering from liver problems apart of HCV. The other problems may be anemia or HIV If a person is on dialysis or have any problem in kidney If someone had liver transplantation If someone is taking amiodarone then it may lead to the slow heartbeat. Specifically if you have chronical liver disease or any heart related problems Sofosbuvir treat Hepatitis C by ensuring that it does not lead to the side effects related with the interferon. The person suffering from HCV is treated for 12-24 weeks and in 90% cases the result was positive. In Hepatitis C the liver of a person gets affected and its a viral disease. This disease doesn't have any clear symptoms hence it becomes difficult to diagnose it timely. Once the disease is detected the sofosbuvir works as a boon. If not treated properly Hepatitis C can cause severe damage to liver and as a result liver failure can also happen. Above all the worst part of liver infection is increased chances of liver cancer. Sofosbuvir helps in controlling the virus that can lead to all these Chronic diseases. Keep it in mind that the treatment of each person may differ with another. Make sure that sofosbuvir is taken as per the doctor's advice. Dosing instructions should be checked before taking the medicine. If you doesn't understand the information given on the leaflet re-confirm it from your pharmacist. It is recommended that sofosbuvir should be taken with peginterferon alfa or ribavirin and these medicines too have different medication of their own. Make sure those guidelines are checked and read properly before someone consume them. Sofosbuvir should be taken orally without food or with food. This medicine gives better results if the time when you take it remains the same. Even if a person starts feeling better then also they must complete the entire course and should not stop taking it in between. Doses shouldn't be missed at any cost. If a dose is missed by chance, then make sure to take it as you remember and then get back to your daily schedule of dosing. Ensure not to take two doses in a day, it should be taken only once. If a person is planning to take any surgery, emergency or dental care then the dentist or doctor should remain aware of that he/she is taking sofosbuvir. Taking sofosbuvir may lower down the immunity of a person and body can't fight back infection properly. Make sure you stay away of the person having infections or cold. While taking sofosbuvir if you notice that you are having some kind of infection such as chills, rash, sore throat and fever then inform your doctor immediately. Keep in mind that sofosbuvir can't stop or control HCV to transfer to others through sexual or blood contact. So be careful if you are suffering from HCV infection. Avoid sharing the needles, razors and tooth brush. Ask your doctor, how can you avoid transmitting HCV to others. Don't stop any medicine or sofosbuvir before consulting the doctor. The sofosbuvir shouldn't be stopped even for a small duration, make sure you always have enough medicine in stock. Because stopping the medicine in between can lead to the growth in virus that can become difficult to treat later. We cannot deny the fact that each medicine has a side effect, it could be minor or major. Consult the doctor as soon as possible if you find any below mentioned side effects in your body such as nausea, trouble in sleeping, tiredness and headache. Immediate medical attention is needed in case the side effects appear to be severe such as itching, rashes, difficulty in breathing, swelling on face, tongue, mouth or lips, feeling of tightness in chest. The side effects mentioned above may not cover all the possible side effects, but if there is something happening to your body which are not normal or usual then consult the doctor immediately. Sofosbuvir should be stored carefully in its original container at 30 degrees Celsius. It shouldn't be exposed to light, moisture or heat. Avoid storing sofosbuvir in bathroom and keep children away from it. Suicidal ideation and severe depression could be the worst side effects of sofosbuvir, alert your doctor as soon as you start feeling the same. Sofosbuvir's recommended dose is the tablet of 400 mg that should be taken orally. One can take it with or without food, at a particular time and that schedule should be maintained throughout the medication period. Remember not to experiment with your dosage and do not stop taking the medicine if you start feeling better, until and unless your doctor asks you to do so. Keep your doctor informed if something unusual or different you notice in your behavior or body. if you want to help or coordinate with our executive please visit to the company website: email us: +919999098733 direct coordinate with the company with the whatsapp / viber /wechat/line/facetime
Our science has research some salts to beat hepatitis c virus today chawla medicos team will tell you about the one of the salts Generic name:sofosbuvir 400mg Generic name:daclatasvir 60mg these are two salts which also used in Hepatitis c disease to beat the virus *It's minimum 12 weeks course *1 tablet should be take in both the salt * Results are quite good * pregnant women should not to take the medicine *without doctor consult no one should take this medicine *sofosbuvir discovered :2007 Discovered by USA * In USA cost of this salt 12 week : 53, 000 $ USA *In India our company give you 12 week course : 730$ USD *Hepatitis treatment , Hepatitis c treatment: company email id: +919999098733 direct contact WhatsApp/Viber / we chat * sofosbuvir in Moscow * Daclatazvir in Moscow
  Наша наука исследует некоторые соли, чтобы победить вирус гепатита c. Команда chawla medicos расскажет вам о одной из солей Общее название: sofosbuvir 400 мг Общее название: daclatasvir 60 мг Это две соли, которые также используются при заболевании гепатита c, чтобы победить вирус * Курс минимум 12 недель * 1 таблетку следует принимать как в соли * Результаты довольно хорошие * Беременным женщинам не следует принимать лекарство * Без консультации с врачом никто не должен принимать это лекарство * Sofosbuvir обнаружен: 2007 Открыт для США * В США стоимость этой соли 12 недель: 53 000 долларов США * В Индии наша компания дает вам 12-недельный курс: 730 $ USD * Лечение гепатита, лечение гепатита c: Идентификатор электронной почты компании: +919999098733 прямой контакт WhatsApp / Viber / we chat * Sofosbuvir в Москве  * Даклатавир в Москве
How will you can safe from Hepatitis C? Chawla medicos tell you As medical science advanced, the doctors and scientists were able to identify new viruses, which have been plaguing the human society. Once the disease was invented, a new search was started for finding its cure. Hepatitis C is one such virus that was invented by fluke. Now it is a known fact that one this virus affects the liver and can also be fatal. Scientists also discovered that a healthy person would get the disease if infected bold is pushed into their body. But small wounds can also be the cause of this infection. Many drugs will assist you in curing the disease, but it is better to stop Hepatitis C before it causes harm to you. Guidelines for prevention of Hepatitis C If you want to save yourself from the curse of this disease then you will have to follow the points mentioned here: 1. If you want to stop Hepatitis C, then you will have to eliminate the chances of exposure to the virus. You need to make sure that you are not using any needles, which have been used by another person. Needles must be destroyed after one use. 2. Having a safe sex life is also an important step to stop Hepatitis C. Though sexual intercourse has been ruled out as a potential source of the disease, the chances of contracting it increase if you or your partners have any other STD. 3. Keeping a safe distance to blood products or infected blood will come in handy if you want to eliminate the chances of getting this disease. Medical products and blood must be handled with care so that you don’t get infected. If you follow these measures, then you will be able to stay away from the viral infection. Leading a healthy life is a must, and one should always remember that prevention is far better than cure. for more email us: WhatsApp/Viber/we chat: +919999098733
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